It suddenly made sense why some things I had learned earlier in classes and from books did not completely apply to our dog, or had to be modified so they could work. We finished off the home visit with a mini training session in the garden putting Leo (and his handler) through their paces and going through what sort of exercises to expect at Puppy Gun Dog training. This training guide contains loads of really effective exercises that you can use to train your dog to respond to the Stop Whistle. Without coming to these sessions, I feel I would have been in the dark with a lot of things and potentially making training mistakes without even realising. Whether you’ve a working dog or a pet, I couldn’t recommend Acer Gundog Training enough! Acer Gundog Training Chigwell Area. Acer have really helped us build our confidence with little Luna after a tricky start and we’re looking forward to progressing with her training now that we’ve navigated through the first few months of chaos!”, “I’ve been really impressed by the professional nature of the training at Acer. This unit cost $3200 in 2017. Acer classes provide a reassuring and friendly environment and we highly recommend them. Harley is brilliant at his recall, is quick to look at me when I ask for his attention and waits perfectly by the back gate until I open it and tell him he can walk through. More... My lovely Labrador is 14 months old. The individual sessions have allowed me to fully focus on Basil whilst Mark keeps a watchful eye and corrects the beginners mistakes that I make. Chemex Chemex as a full member of the bfa and is a UK based and owned franchise with a truly unique offering. We have just graduated from puppy to beginner training and I can’t wait to see us progress further with our training. I had never used clicker training before, but this has proven to be a very useful tool with smart pups!  Basil is not the only one who is benefitting from training with Mark. Special mention here for Russ Grant who throughout our training is so supportive of both owners and their dogs.”, “I was so stressed by the behaviour of my 14 month old labradoodle I was stating to avoid taking him out. The trainers are great, we learn something new every week and Piper has come on so well!”, “What an experience! Everyone was supporting and encouraging each other. Isla and I started off with attending 1 to 1 classes and now we are attending group classes. As first time gundog owners we have found the classes invaluable – both as a learning curve for us, for Daisy and for strengthening our bond. These lessons have also allowed me to talk to other spaniel owners about the day to day spaniel related issues and experiences we all encounter at some point or another. Thank you Mark for all your help!“, “Excellent advice from Mark regarding our Lab with virtually no recall. We are now in the next class and still learning every week.”, “Great scent & retrieve session today at Buntingford with Emma. The classes are really enjoyable and I can highly recommend the Acer Gundog Training classes for dogs of any age.”, “I cannot recommend Mark highly enough! Having bought Flora, our first GWP puppy, we were keen to start her training as soon as possible. They are both very competent and a lot of fun to be with. The classes stimulate her mentally as well as physically and we look forward to progressing further.“, “We came across Acer by chance whilst using trusty Google to find a trainer for our 15 week old Cocker Spaniel. We cover, Chigwell, Loughton, Buckhurst Hill, Romford, Hornchurch, Upminster and Essex. The classes are relaxed and fun and you come away with lots of knowledge and things to practise for the following week. Teal is first and foremost a pet but hopefully will eventually attend shoots in a year or so. We started with Acer when Baxter was about 6 months he is now 13 months. Mark’s instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow. I believe that gundog training should be about making sessions fun and easily accessible to all gundog owners. – Ben C Previously it was far from safe to let him do this as Bolt use to pull like a train. - Obedience Mark gave us advice on introducing Vinnie and our new puppy Freyja and supporting them in a positive way in our home so that they learn to settle together. Only positive training methods are used, which is something that is important to us. Definitely recommend this service. I can’t recommend Acer highly enough. More... After 7 months of training with Acer, Lucy Labrador is completely unrecognisable (for the better of course) and I couldn't be happier! No Ratings. I joined up and straightaway knew that I had done the right thing. Our puppy classes are taught by Mel who has been amazing with her advice and guidance not only about class matters but also with any issues we have been having during the week at home with Billy, we have seen Billy improve week on week. Acer have been great with breed specific advice and have helped us to understand what motivates Margot. Thank you Mark!”, “We heard about Mark and Acer Gun Dog training from a friend, who sang his praises. Thanks to Mark for his friendly and helpful advice. It is a very challenging environment as she has a very high prey drive and there are lots of exciting scents and activity. Anyone will tell you that you should never ever have two litter mates or indeed puppies close in age. Not only do we go through the purpose of each exercise in relation to gundog specifics and everyday scenarios, Gemma also explains the process of how dogs learn and why each step of each exercise is important. Having previously owned a chocolate labrador, I was expecting the worst which is why I signed up for training with Acer. He gives good clear direction and information that we have used. As well as the more formal training, it is great to be able to ask (even silly!) I am now more confident as a handler and my wife has also commented on me being happier around the house as well! We have since joined the beginners gundog class, again being trained by Tori, and so far our dog has loved every single session, and we have both learned loads and always go home happy and as a better team. It was amazing seeing him do what he was bred to do and loving it. Freyja will be attending Mark’s puppy classes in the New Year and Vinnie continues to grow in confidence around other dogs and I now know when he is happy to play or when he is not. We are hoping to work Harvey in the future but also aim to have a well behaved and sociable dog. Thanks to Acer we have good control of our … Having access to online course with the video as backup has been worth its weight in gold, it means both my husband and I can watch and make sure we are both doing the same things in the same way. Mark is a great trainer and makes everything fun. We try and practice as much as possible with her so that each week hopefully Mark sees an improvement in us both. Mark is an exceptionally patient and knowledgeable trainer. I’m surprised every week at what a clever dog I have and it’s thanks to Mark and the team that I’ve been able to bring out the best in him. Thanks to Acer we have good control of our dogs and walks are made enjoyable.”, “Rest assured these guys are BRILLIANT, I turned up some months ago with (or so I was told by another dog trainer) 20 kilos of scatty, bouncy, untrainable Gordon Setter. Russell was spot on in his initial assessment of us and offered encouragement whilst highlighting areas where we were going wrong. Many of the owners that come to us for dog training have no interest in taking … This is particularly helpful to achieving steadiness, your dog is unlikely to spend much of his future life in a village hall but more than likely to be out and about with wildlife and other dogs. !”, “Acer Gundog Training is tremendous fun & sociable for both dogs & humans. Loads of fantastic advice aswell as fun tasks, coffee and yummy cakes.”, “I think Mark’s way of teaching makes it fun for both dog and handler. Mark provides a variety of classes for different abilities in a lovely outdoor setting – my 4 year old dog is partly trained and my 7… month old just beginning. If you are getting a new puppy, I really recommend you book yourself in for a home visit and get started on the right foot in that precious time between picking the puppy up and starting puppy classes when vaccinated! Mark is great working with each breeds unique characteristics and outdoors in a real life setting. These are the most common things people say when they first contact Acer: He pulls on the lead all the time. Much against my better judgement! There is no substitute for training alongside a trainer! But if you can do this you will enjoy your dog and your dog will enjoy you”, “Pippa and I would like to thank you for all the fun training we received, we both got so much important information for us to be able to have lovely partnership for many years to come, also what a lovely group of friendly puppies and humans. Mark and Tori showed us various exercises to keep Bill engaged with us and less easily distracted and gave us lots of good advice and tips. Heel work and his general obedience have improved enormously. I would highly recommend Acer Gundog Training to anyone who owns a gundog.”, “We have been taking Daisy, our German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, to Acer Gundog Training classes since she was 13 weeks old. My 21 month spaniel & my 16 months spaniel love the lessons. Despite having owned golden retrievers for nearly 21 years, I have learned so much through Mark’s training sessions. I only wish Acer gundog training had been around when I had my older dog ! The difference in Tor, my Spanish Water Dog since we have been coming to ‘Mazin’ Mark is wonderful resulting in a all round happy, fun & responsive dog. I’ve been able to bring out the best in him.Â. We have also loved meeting all the other pups and getting to know them and their owners. A well trained dog is a joy to handle but without good guidance from a trainer it is hard to achieve on ones own. Our clever little working cocker dog Kipper on the other hand is all over it ;) If you are looking for a very professional and friendly place to take your dog for training then look no further :). More... We have had a mixture of group and private lessons for our Golden Doodle, Bill, over the last year with Mark and Tori. I will always recommend Acer.”, “Kind, compassionate, professional and listen to your needs and questions. The spaniel classes which Acer have been running over the past 6 or so months have really helped my dog to excel and allowed me to learn from a dedicated trainer who really understands a spaniels view of the world. Thanks Mark!”, “We have worked and bred Golden Retrievers for nearly 40 yrs and our latest youngster has got off to a super start alongside her 3 brothers, having just graduated from puppy class at Acer Gundog Training.They respond to the whistle well, stop and recall, and the loose lead walking is coming on beautifully.Marks methods gain focus and pleasure to puppies as they learn methodically to achieve new goals, and develop into the gundog you enjoy a relationship with.”, “I joined Acer Gundog Training having been recommended by a friend and the puppy classes are fantastic! Blaze loves the attention, using his brain and the constant praise he gets…. Gunner has without doubt picked up a lot in the 7-8 weeks we have been going as well as us on how to handle and nourish his growing personality!!

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