Caddis Updated: April 2016 Match line . You can fish either upstream or down here. On the east side of the river, Hogback and East River roads parallel the river, so there are plenty of areas to park and walk down to the water. Hatch Charts. Keep Off. Fly Fishing Report and Forecast for Farmington River, Connecticut. This system allows the water in the river (especially the sections closer to the dam) to remain cold year-round, even in the scorching heat of summer. BWO Fly fishing reports by the Orvis guide network Looking upstream is a wonderful riffle that I know first hand holds some large trout. Farmington Flow. Farmington River fishing has been prominent for a long time, but the last decade has brought a boom in the number of people choosing to start fly-fishing. Pine’s Run is located diagonally across from The Waring Factory store, and behind the Pines Restaurant. Crisp air, tall hemlock trees, and breathtaking views surround the winding roads and bridges that follow the Farmington River up through the towns of Canton, New Hartford, Barkhamsted, and West Hartland. Farmington River Trading Company. We also love to create YouTube content! However if when skating this fly you wake it, you are moving it to fast, slow down and shake the rod tip as you retrieve it, do not wake the fly . Upper Farmington River A Fly-Fishing Mecca . Previously known as the 6D’s Run because it was behind the 6D’s restaurant. And fishing nymphs and streamers is always productive. Farmington River Rod Company, LLC offers handcrafted, split bamboo, fly fishing rods for the passionate angler. And you’ll find good numbers of wild and holdover browns and rainbows to 18-plus inches thriving in the cool waters. Who We Are. Nearly every sportfish species existing in Connecticut may be found in the Farmington. ... Farmington River. This pool feeds into a deep run flowing under the bridge. Fly-fishing on the Farmington River is a great way to get outside and explore nature, and reeling in a monster Farmington River … 0. It is pretty much a year-round river for fly fishing. For the most part, the river is lined with trees that provide shade and, even at times when the sun is high, good dry-fly fishing. So named for it’s steep sides as you can see from the photo above. Farmington River – West Branch, Riverton, Connecticut. I'm Charlie, the CT Fly Guy. Fly Fishing; Dogs; Conservation; Hunting; Lifestyle; Products We Love; Fly Fishing Videos; My Account. Hatch may be occuring. This location has since been converted into an Auction Hall. Professional world class fishing guides and fly-fishing lessons … Late summer dry-fly fishing is best accomplished using extremely light tippets and midges. Where to Fish Top Connecticut Fishing Spots. This section has the highest trout population. I like to use Wooly Worms with red tails early in the morning at this spot. Satan’s Kingdom Although I understand that the area under the bridge on the East side can be productive it is very difficult to reach. The Farmington River near New Hartford, Connecticut is one of the areas we fly fish in the drift boat. The Black Bridge Pool gets it’s name from the now condemned bridge which casts a shadow across the run. however some years they can also be mixed in with the other hatches when this happens keep your eyes open the fish have a habit of switching on you, you could have a heavy hatch of Hendrickson’s and the fish will be on the lighter masking hatch of olives or blue quills or visa versa. Blogs. the first in early June were called Isonychia sadleri and are a size 10. From the spot the Still River enters the West Branch to a mile above the crossing of Route 318, the West Branch develops more character. For fall fishing, olives and Isonycias usually produce best. The Farmington River is probably one of the more popular fly fishing rivers in Connecticut. Because the water is moving so slow your fly presentation must be perfect. I especially like to fish the spinner fall which can be on as early as the hatch. East Branch of the Farmington The river gets deep quick here so be careful wading in. If not my most favorite, at least my most fished. Hatch may be occuring. Trout: Catch and Release Only. Courtesy of Farmington River Trading Company. Quinnipiac River. More people seem to fish it every year, partly due to the easy access and proximity to major population centers, and partly because the fishery continues to get even better over time and is relatively predictable and stable.” Said Torrey Collins, a Farmington River fly-fishing expert who manages the Upcountry Sportfishing store in New Hartford. Fly Fishing Connecticut About the Farmington River The Farmington River that most fly anglers talk about is the West Branch of the Farmington River, in particular the section from Riverton downstream … Fly… Although someone altered the original sign to make it seem safe. The winter brood are a little lighter with a clear bottom wing and a top mottled wing which look very much like KORI BUSTARD[kori struthionides] orARABIAN BUSTARD [choriotis arabs stieberie ] wing feathers. This State Recreation Area is home for Farmington Tubing. You can gain access to this part of the river via Route 44 and the secondary roads that parallel or cross its course. It’s easy to find and very accessible. Large trout lurk in this section of river, always raising the hopes of anglers’ catching a real trophy. this is were you will learn to strike a fish softly. The Black Bridge Pool is just up the street from the Player Piano Pool. Mainstream Canoe Rentals is located around back in the same building. Within 1/2 hour I caught 5 beauties. The run which flows along the eastern back has yielded many fish throughout the season. This pool can be fished from either the East or the West bank. Farmington River fishing has been prominent for a long time, but the last decade has brought a boom in the number of people choosing to start fly-fishing. Wild Trout Managament Area (Class 3) X. Besides the caddis I’ve put together a list of what has worked for me in the past. Both sadleri and bicolor are evening hatches for the most part, and both bugs are similar in color so you do not have to tie two different patterns. 2020 Connecticut fishing licenses are available in store at our front counter. The Hendrickson’s return to the water in the evening to lay eggs and very often this causes quite a feeding frenzy at this spot. No Trespassing. While the Farmington River is known for its prolific insect hatches and many dry fly pools requiring tactical casts and gentle presentations with floating lines and long leaders, in the deeper and faster pools and currents a sink tip line is recommended. The most productive months on the Farmington are from April through the end of October. The dry-fly action is consistent and good. The river turns north at Farmington and eventually flows into the Connecticut River. I also know a guy who swears by Daredevil’s in this hole, during the Spring, but you didn’t hear it here. Also, the east bank is posted as private property and I understand the owner is serious about keeping out trespassers. It is definitely good enough to take off work so get out there. Keep your eyes open if you start to see fish taking “green sulfurs” ONE MORE THING YOU BETTER BE ON 8X BY NOW. Stable flows support an excellent population of holdover browns and rainbows. Connecticut offers year-round fly fishing action in most lakes and ponds, while the fishing season for rivers and streams runs from the third Saturday in April through the end of February. Downstream & Downrange 531 views. Where to Fish Sulphurs, March Browns, and green drakes represent some of the fantastic dry-fly action through May. these bugs hatch both on rocks and in the river itself. Fly fishing hatch chart for Farmington River, Connecticut. They will start to appear about 3/4 of the way through the sulfur hatch . A good population of terrestrials, such as flying ants and beetles, also can be found here during the summer months. Best Selling Flies by State. Once the river hits 70 degrees or more look for the bass fishing to improve. Home » Connecticut Fly Fishing » Farmington River Fly Fishing. Tight lines! Fish either the East or West Bank anywhere from the middle to the edges of the river. We provide quality equipment, the finest locally tied flies, and a wealth of knowledge about fly fishing the Farmington & Housatonic rivers. It is well stocked with brook, brown, and rainbow trout. The last 2 in this group invaria # 16 and dorothea # 18/20 do hatch on the river with dorothea by far and away being the dominate hatch. In my opinion, there is no bad time to fish the Farmington, unless the river is in excess 2000 CFS. Tubers travel from all around and spend many lazy summer days floating down along the scenic banks of the Farmington. Now we’re going to move onto probably my most favorite spot on the river. Designated rivers & streams with no closed season including the entire Connecticut and Thames rivers, and downstream portions of the Coginchaug, Farmington, Housatonic, Mattabesset, Mystic, … Holdover, wild and annually-stocked trout abound. it appears before the blue quill and the Hendrickson’s in a normal year. The normal hatching time for this group is mid day into evening, they are easily distinguished from the Baetis as these are from the family Ephemerellidae and have the characteristic 3 tails of that family The first one is cornuta .However this hatch is very light as compared to cornutella Fly-Fishing here is catch and release. Winter Caddis pop on most winter mornings at dawn, and the full gamut of bugs exists. “The Farmington River has grown into a 12 month a year destination fishery for fly fishermen from all the surrounding states and beyond. Turn right at the school and and proceed one block to the bridge. We pay more for trade ins than anywhere else. A standard olive parachute size 14 will work just fine. As the flies will land on you and then walk down your waders under water and deposits the egg mass on the wader. some evenings your waders will be covered in the bright green egg sacs. There’s a large rock in the middle of the river which tends to hold some fish. It’s easy to find and very accessible. 295 likes. This area is one of the more popular sections of river. A fisherman wading in the river on an 80-degree day in July may find themselves with numb legs due to the cold water in the river being released from the dam. Early Spring Fly Fishing - Farmington River CT - Duration: 14:08. The middle picture shows one of my favorite pools. Back to the Farmington after seven weeks in NZ. To get here drive all the way to the back of the park area at the base of the bridge. Rotunda are a size #14 and do not hatch on the Farmington river. We also love to create YouTube content! 14:08. Special to The Courant | Sep 02, 2014 at 5:42 AM . July 30, 2011 at 1:36 am. I especially like to fish those areas that are riffled just at the head or tail of a pool.

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