Now that I work in Nomad I practically live here! Special Clothbound Cheddar orders may be placed by contacting Jasper Hill Farm at 802-533-2566, or ... Garganelli Mac ‘n Cheese with Roasted Jalapeños & Bacon . Everyone that I've recommended dig inn to are hooked as well. Delivery or takeout! Jasper hill three-cheese blend, ithaca milk, whole-wheat pasta and crispy panko breadcrumbs. The cauliflower is cold served with raisins and hazelnuts so be warned if you're not into cold cauliflower but I highly recommend. Per 1 serving (g): 361 Calories | 25g Fat | 19g Carbohydrates | 0g Fiber | 0g Sugar | 12g Protein | 0mg Sodium | 0g Cholesterol | 0g Potassium. Erika Kubick Can Help with One of Those 25 g. Carbs. The menu was very unique and interesting, and I enjoyed the options that the restaurant had to create a delicious meal in just a bowl. It didn't really bother me, but the charred chicken was marinated so well that it was like eating spoonfuls of salt. I wasn't expecting much flavor from it, obviously, since it's a salad, but it was bursting with so much flavor. 2 tbs butter 2 ounces of all purpose flour 2 cup of milk 1 cup heavy cream 1⁄2 lb of extra sharp white cheddar cheese. Instant 10% discount code when you subscribe. Ithaca milk, RBGH-free three cheese blend, whole wheat pasta, and panko bread crumbs. We respect your privacy. $3.99. Shop Williams Sonoma for the best collection of gourmet cheese gifts. They have a large seating area downstairs but it smells bad. The amount of bread crumbs it's crusted with very overwhelming & the flavor of the mac itself is underwhelming. Overall great value for the price!!! This place is fabulous for lunch. Always a solid option! We use premium Italian pasta, and wholesome ingredients for a meal we can feel good about: richly cheesy, nothing funny. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Ended up ordering the Mac and cheese and broccoli for my daughter. Nutritional information for Dig Inn Jasper Hill Mac & Cheese. Business Gifting Here at Murray’s, we take your gifting seriously. Charred … Jasper Hill Mac and Cheese $3.67 Ithaca milk, RBGH-free three cheese blend, whole wheat pasta, and panko bread crumbs. Healthy AND tasty?! Even though it was long, the employees moved quickly and were very friendly. If you’ve allowed it to come to temperature or if you are using your own homemade macaroni and cheese, allow the mixture to cool in the refrigerator until firm, about 2-4 hours. I was a fan of the beet and orange side, and the quinoa base had an unexpected and unusual flare. For $10 you get a good selection of entrees, which are somewhat healthy. Dig Inn has several locations around the city. 361. Service at this location is great! The mac and cheese was superb, as was the meat and quinoa. Classic Dig Family Meal. The line moved quickly and I was curious about what kind of dishes were here. I was expecting it to be a health food hipster watering hole but I was pleasantly surprised. Dig Inn is one of the best places I've come across that is both healthy and affordable. All three partners superbly play their role in this cheese's … Serving Size: 1 serving (6.45oz) Amount … Honestly, I shouldn't have eaten it all. Will definitely keep coming back! Go for the herb roasted chicken if you're more into chicken breast (healthier and lighter option). This made my decision even harder because everything was delicious! It's always nice to be greeted with a smile when you're hungry for lunch. If you're looking for a light and inexpensive lunch around Flatiron, try this place out. Using a small cookie scoop or melon baller, scoop 1-1.5 inch balls of macaroni … Ingredients: Jasper Hill cheese blend (unpasteurized milk, salt, rennet, cultures), pasta (durum wheat semolina, water), vegetable stock (water, red wine, modified food starch, carrot stock, onion stock, tomato paste, lemon juice, mushroom stock, salt, roasted garlic powder… To bring Murray’s Mac and Cheese to life, we decided to partner up with them and use their beloved radiator pasta as the base for our mac and cheese recipes. I've had this place bookmarked for a while, and finally checked it out for a weekend brunch. It is a MUST try! It was SO good, peaches were perfect and everything was fresh hot out the oven. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about mint in the greens, but it worked! Add cheese… Chicken should be well done not medium or rare. Now that I know of Dig Inn I located my closest location and will be sure to stop in for a reasonably priced and balanced on the go bowl! I usually avoid going during peak lunch hours to avoid the long lines. Nutrition Facts. I was thinking this place would be an overpriced healthy spot that caters to the hipster crowd kinda vibe. Ever since I was introduced to dig inn earlier this year, I have been hooked! Death. We thought it was weird, especially since they seem to be in support of local businesses and not wasting food.Okay prices, but I would say too much seasoning and salt on everything. My base was greens (a kale/spinach/lettuce mixture), a little overly salted for me. No additional cooking needed. I don't see myself being a repeat customer. I had greens as my base. When in need of a healthy lunch or take out dinner, Dig Inn never disappoints me! The meatballs had great flavor and went surprisingly well with the quinoa. The Mac and cheese is my favorite thing to get, but some of the stuff is just OK. Join the Herd! The sautéed broccoli with lemon was a bit too salty and burnt. Brocoli was a little too over seasoned and intense for me, and the cauliflower was bordering on not being fresh. I was right about everything except the overpriced part which is refreshing. Fat. I'll be coming back in the future to try the other entrees, and going back for that salad. Refreeze immediately on arrival, or store in the refrigerator and use within 2 weeks of receipt. Calorie breakdown: 64% fat, 22% carbs, 14% protein. The line moves quickly and I'm thankful they have seating - seriously if you haven't gone, GO! For $10 and some cents, you can pick greens/grain, protein, and two sides of hot or cold food. My usual go to is greens for the base with cauliflower, Brussels, and sweet potatoes. You pick a base (grain/salad) or you can even get a mix. I love/hate that the menu changes by season but today's bowl was SO good, I had greens to start, chicken breast, jasper Mac and cheese (the standard for me that never changes lol) but the side was peaches with mozzarella. Portions are large but for 10-14 dollars you expect that. Not sure why I was only just made aware of this chain but I "dug it" - pun intended. It's an Ok spot if your looking for something mildly healthy in the neighborhood. Become a … The information below may change from time to time as we craft new recipes and change our menu seasonally. There are seats downstairs and water available to drink. jasper’s mac and cheese. The employees at this location are also super friendly and attentive. I'm a big fan of this place because of the food. I haven't gone down to their seating area as I'm usually there for takeout but will likely check it out at some point. Classic Dig. We’ll keep you in the loop. I got the herb roasted chicken. I always add half of an avocado and get some dressings on the side. They are driven to be the standard bearer of quality and innovation in the artisan cheese … Ingredients: Jasper Hill cheese blend (unpasteurized milk, salt, rennet, cultures), pasta (durum wheat semolina, water), vegetable stock (water, red wine, modified food starch, carrot stock, onion stock, tomato paste, lemon juice, mushroom stock, salt, roasted garlic powder, onion powder, spices), crème fraÎche (pasteurized cream, cultures), white wine (contains sulfites, naturally occurring in wine), cultured butter (pasteurized cream, culture, salt), bread crumbs (unbleached wheat flour, cane sugar, yeast, sea salt), unbleached wheat flour, salt, spices, parsley flakes. The meatballs were excellent as well. Charred chicken, roasted sweet … I don't wanna be addicted to anything but seriously I keep coming back and each time I leave feeling so satisfied and full! 19 g. Protein. This was my first time visiting Dig Inn. We make these at the Vermont Food Venture Center, a food business incubator located in Hardwick, VT. They always put more food than usual, which is great. They were out of the salmon but were making some fresh but they allowed me to order and wait until it was finished cooking. My partner ordered Mac and cheese but they gave him sweet potatoes and they threw them out instead of put them off to the side or just give them to us. Like many of its brethren, this is a restaurant that allows you to create your own bowl with fresh ingredients from local food sources. I love the broccoli and am always a sucker for the Mac and cheese. I didn't know where to begin but was promptly offered a menu. The FVC is also the home of our satellite creamery, where we make Alpha Tolman and some of our soft cheeses! I got the greens with meatballs, roasted sweet potato, and mac and cheese. This is our go-to recipe for entertaining large groups of people, whatever the occasion. ... jasper hill harbison and spring brook tarentaise. 1⁄4 teaspoon of … That mac and cheese! I got the Mac and cheese and my side. Jasper Hill Mac & Cheese for 4. INGREDIENTS. Sex. Decided to get lunch here because I wanted a  "healthier" option. For the sides I chose the cauliflower and brocoli. I almost paid extra for three, but I'm sure glad I didn't because I ended up feeling stuffed after the meal. Serves 4. Jasper Hill Mac and Cheese Ithaca milk, RBGH-free three cheese blend, whole wheat pasta, and panko bread crumbs. I go to this location regularly and love their food. I also happen to love feta so the combination of the two (at a very appropriate ratio, I might add) made the perfect salad compliment to my gluttony. Spicy peruvian potatoes were decent. You can build your own bowl with a variety of mainly healthy but nutritiously delicious foods. Contains gluten/wheat and milk. The mac and cheese was good but a little dry. Although the food isn't anything out of this world, it's super tasty and convenient! The food here is quite simple yet decent for a fast/healthy lunch that's not salad. Food is always amazing! Or book now at one of our other 12003 great restaurants in Holliston. Thank you! At this location everything is really fresh! Jasper Hill Mac & Cheese Calories. I typically order the platter with zucchini and greens, meatballs and the mac and cheese (which is diviiine). I'm always a fan of dig inn. 5.0 rating. Guilt free (besides the mac and cheese) delicious food with great customer service (usually). Submit corrections. But I just had to!! Didn't know what to expect really and there was a pretty quick and short line to place your order. 884 Garvin Hill Rd You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. Jasper Hill Mac & Cheese. I ordered the oddest combo of food because I wanted it all. 12 g. There are 361 calories in 1 serving of Dig Inn Jasper Hill Mac & Cheese. Enjoy Tasty Tips! jasper’s mac and cheese. Made with only two ingredients, organic … I visited this place for the first time on a weekday afternoon. Greensboro, VT. Our favorite mac, made with our own cheese. Organic Maine Farro with Butternut Squash. The tofu was meh, one side as completely burnt black and it was quite spicy but not the spicy that I wanted. Jasper Hill three-cheese blend, Ithaca milk, whole-wheat pasta, crispy panko breadcrumbs. I chose greens as my base and sweet potatoes as my sides, along with Mac and Cheese. David welcomed us, informed us about the food and made us customers that will be returning again and again! Who knew lol. I saved a few noodles for my last bite.Although the hot food was my favorite part, the kale salad did not disappoint! I had the grilled tofu for the protein, it also being too salty. There are 361 calories in 1 serving (6.45 oz) of Dig Inn Jasper Hill Mac & Cheese. Cheese. Get menu, photos and location information for Jasper Hill Cafe & Bistro in Holliston, MA. They said I could have ordered the brown rice or quinoa with it because it came with the dish but my daughter was very insistent that she didn't want it in the bowl with her Mac and broccoli, so I figured I'd just try it next time. Whenever I go in there the staff is smiling and seem to be very engaged with the customers. Despite going during lunch hour, there was enough space for 7 of us to sit in the lower level. It's probably one of the few salads I'd eat again, to be honest. Cheese … The parm, the lemon all synced in and had layers of flavor. Use code ‘welcome’ at checkout for 10% off your first order. It has a sweet and savory mixture of flavors. This is by far my favorite Dig Inn locations! The brussels are also delicious and never bitter. We're already planning our next visit! Their sides change regularly and they do a great job of staying exciting. I went to Dig Inn because my fiancé said he heard it's good and healthy. I opted for the marketplate - brown rice, charred chicken, mac and cheese, and kale caesar salad. They give good portions of their very fresh food. Next time, I would say try one of their iced teas because they looked oh-so-tasty, and I didn't try one because I saw them after I already checked out. Want to chime in? The brown rice didn't really feel cooked all the way until it was lumpy - kind of like Chipotle's brown rice. My favorite Dig Inn location by far - the food is always fresh and the staff is super friendly and helpful! The menu here changes a lot, but for today, this is what we could choose from --- bases can be grains or greens, and then you can choose 2 vegetables/sides and 1 meat. This place allows you to pick what you want. Came to dig inn for lunch and notice a very long line. The line is often long but don't be discouraged as it goes very very quickly. Jasper Hill's mission is to make the highest possible quality products in a way that supports Vermont's working landscape. All the vegetables tasted crisp, fresh and had just the right amount of flavor without adding a ton of calories. Our curation specialists will customize professional gifts for your partners, clients, and associates with our top shelf items, best-selling … There was a decent line when we got there, but it moved super quickly. They have a lot to choose from. There's a decent amount of seating downstairs. The Mac and cheese seems to be a crowd favorite but surprisingly wasn't for me. When you order you choose your base grains or greens, protein and your pick of sides. The Truffle Shuffle Flight. Then two sides (hot/cold) they had some great options (even mac and cheese) and protein, which they had tofu, chicken, and fish but I didn't see it out. Menu may not be up to date. Nutrition and Ingredients Hello, fellow label-readers. If you are in the mood for a bit heavier of a meal, try their mac and cheese. If you want a heavier meal they also have rice or grains for the base. By bad I mean very strange like toilet meets mildew. Some of favorite items include the salmon, steak and I absolutely love their mac and cheese! The team offers great customer service and efficiently serve patrons. Jasper Hill Farm - A Taste of Place CELLARS MAC AND CHEESE. I was happy with everything else, though! The meatballs are a little bland for my taste, but their chicken (dark meat option) is amazing. On the upside, they have these really cool lighter beets here which are tasty! The mac and cheese was actually really good too - it definitely didn't feel too heavy for lunch, so that was good. Contains: Milk, Wheat / Gluten. View menu and reviews for Murray's Cheese Bar in New York, plus popular items & reviews. The sauces I got was great for dipping. It was delicious! The quinoa is standard and alright, along with the cashew kale Cesar salad. What really surprised me was the kale caesar salad. Slice the cheese and crumble into roughly pea-sized pieces. My favorites were the carrots, (and I hate carrots) but I really enjoyed the way they cooked it here. vegetarian Roasted Kale with Butter Bean Ragout $3.67 Roasted kale, R&G … This hand-picked gift pack features five distinctly different but equally delicious selections: The menu usually changes depending on the season but they have some basics that are available year round. Our housemade Mac & Cheese is made with our shredded Melting Blend - a mix of Alpha Tolman and cheddar-style cheeses, shredded in-house without any weird preservatives or anti-caking agents. $20.00. Our cheese gift baskets are the perfect food gifts for wine and cheese parties. The service was quick, however, the cashier charged us extras because she thought the carrots were salmon... Why not ask before you charge if you're not sure? The flavor was okay but went I was almost done I bit into a piece of chicken that wasn't cooked all the way. The mac and cheese lives up to all of its great reviews on yelp. So many great veggie options to combine for a filling and healthy lunch but they also have Mac and cheese for days you feel like indulgent. ... Black Truffle Mac & Cheese. I'm not particularly a big fan of mac and cheese but the mac and cheese here is soo good if you have not tried it I definitely recommend it. Also... BAYLEY HAZEN BLUE CHEESE DIP. I really have no complaints!! This place has a really nice vibe - after walking by so many times I finally got to try it out. I had a bite of both and WOwWzA they flavored it in a freakishly tasty way! However, it was still pretty good. Portion size is very nice too. Definitely even more curious about the other items on the menu. The cheese is made by Cabot Creamery, aged in the Jasper Hill Cellars, and the milk is sourced from the award-winning Kempton Farm. Great food and friendly staff! Still intrigued and indecisive, an employee noticed my perplexed expression and offered me to sample the food. They even gave me some free mac and cheese just because.... awesome. This Vermont-based producer has swept international cheese awards for years now, and for good reason—Jasper Hill Farm makes a range of cheeses, from Brie styles to cheddar to blue, each aged to … I don't think there is anything I would go out of my way for. This product ships frozen and should arrive cool to the touch. They are always fast, fresh and kind. I enjoyed the crunchy breadcrumbs on top of it. This visit, I went with the quinoa, meatballs, mac and cheese, and the kale/feta salad.It came with two meatballs. (The Mac isn't the healthiest but there were certainly plenty of options.). I have also tried their salmon platter with rice and kale and it's pretty delicious as well. I wasn't too crazy about dig inn.

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